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About Us

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About Banki Kuu Sacco

Banki Kuu SACCO Society’s mandate is to provide all Members with an avenue for saving thereby creating a pool of resources from which the same members can borrow for provident purposes. Upon visiting Banki Kuu, you will find, we are committed to providing diverse, competitive and innovative products and services to satisfy the varied financial needs of our esteemed Members.

Meanwhile, our Board of Directors and staff are willing to assist you achieve your desired financial objectives by carefully listening to you and prescribing the best solution based on the circumstances at hand.

Karibu sana!  

Banki Kuu Sacco was registered in 1985 with 235 members after staff of the Central Bank of Kenya felt a great need to form a cooperative society of their own to take care of their financial needs.Banki Kuu SACCO is located at the Central Bank of Kenya building along Haile Selassie Avenue

“To be the preferred Financial service provider for the Financial services sector”

“To empower members economically through innovative, broad based financial and investment solutions”

ISO 9001

Banki Kuu SACCO is now ISO 9001 Certified for compliance and regulation adherence. ISO 9001 is a certified quality management system (QMS) for organisations who want to prove their ability to consistently provide products and services that meet the needs of their customers.

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